DeFranco All Roads Lead To Kansas

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SPREAD THE WORD! The Vampire Robot Nazi's are coming and the Nation will all gather in the safest city in the Union. That's right, All Roads Lead to KANSAS!

As fortold by Philip DeFranco, The world will end in 2012 when the Vampire Robot Nazis who are also Zombies attack. The obvious way to stop this attack would be Chuck Norris, but unfortunately he too is a Vampire robot Nazi who is also a zombie. In the struggle to save the world, dolphins with laserbeams on their heads will team up with Flying Raptor Jesus to defeat Chuck Norris and the Vampire Robot Nazis who are also zombies. The battle with be close, but in the end we will lose and everyone will die.

BUT THE FUTURE CAN BE CHANGED! Warn the Nation! Get this 18 x 24 poster and put it up in your neighborhood today! (or room......that might actually work better.)


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